I love eating (and my love for eating is one of the reasons why I went into fitness and ended up as a personal trainer). I’m not alone though. Most, if not everyone living in this country loves to eat. Most of our staple food, however, is noodle and rice. They are a main source of carbohydrates. It should always be kept in mind that carbohydrates or calories alone cannot adequately supply our energy needs. We also need proteins, water, vitamins and minerals.

Without exercise on a daily basis, you have no way to burn off the sugar that unused carbohydrates create when it created energy and therefore it becomes fats. In the last 20 years, weight loss studies have shown that diets with the same number of calories that weight loss is greater when the calories does not come from carbohydrates. A high-protein diet preserves functional tissue and maintains the capacity for physical performance.


It can be found in meat such as fish, chicken, veal, beef, eggs and cheese. Try picking food from the lean meat category as often as possible to keep fat and calorie intake to a bare minimum.

Try this: The best are low-fat meats that are grilled, baked or broiled. Limit your fried chicken temptation to once a week. Make sure to only have 2-3 servings daily. You could also try medium-fat meats such as ground turkey, flank steak, ground sirloin, veal and rump roast.


It can be found in pasta, grains, crackers, sugars, milk, breads and some fruits. It provides the body with a good source of fiber and energy it needs to function efficiently. If you exercise every day, then you should have carbohydrates in your daily meal. If you do not, limit yourself to only two servings per day as any more and the carbohydrates will turn to fats.

Try this:  For three days straight, do not eat carbohydrates at all. Instead, eat proteins such as red meat as well as your daily intake of fruits, vegetables and dairy products and drink lots of water. By eliminating carbohydrates, your body will be forced to utilize the stored fats for energy and therefore result in weight loss. Once this occurs, go back to your original pattern.


It can be found in nuts, salad dressings, margarine, butter, oils and cream. A small intake should be taken daily to create an overall balance.

Try this: If you do need salad dressings on your salad, try squeezing only the amount you need onto the cap and pour inside your salad. That way, you can lessen your intake as you can now decide how much goes into your food.

Remember to Eat,Pray and Love.

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