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Earth (Muscle Gain) Programme

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Do you feel that it is impossible to gain muscle because of your thin and skinny figure?

Does the countless hours at the gym and your protein heavy diet not yield the results that you expect?

Have you ever wondered why is it so easy for athletes, male models and body builders to gain muscle so easily?

It doesn’t matter if you have been skinny your whole life, currently over-weight or have never had a proper workout. All it takes is an effective, muscle-gain focused exercise regiment, a well crafted diet plan centred on building muscle, and guidance and motivation from a certified, experienced and passionate trainer!

Earth is Guru Fitness’ muscle gain workout program. Earth is the result of information gathered not only throughout Coach Sharm’s 20 years of personal training experience but from the vast knowledge garnered through his Master’s Degree in Sports Science, Postgraduate Diploma in Exercise Science and many other exercise based qualifications.

With this knowledge, we want to help you gain that muscular figure that you have always dreamed of!

What you will experience with Earth:

  • Muscular arms and toned legs
  • Sculpted chest and chiseled shoulders
  • Toned abs and a V-shaped lower body
  • All round toned figure
  • 150-200% gains in fitness and active levels.

Here the advantages of choosing us for your personal training:


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Are you ready to begin your journey for a healthier, fitter and most importantly, more muscular you?

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