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More than: 10 USA & international certifications, 5000 clients, 100 corporate clients, 20 years experience. Trained master trainer for TRX, NASM and TWIST. University lecturer with a Master of Science degree in Exercise & Sports Science and Degree in Economics (NUS). Owner of TFG, a successful personal training company since 1998.  

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Fitness Bootcamp at only $8 per trial session


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Personal Training Programs

Get Fit Quick

Reduce Fat, Increase Fitness

Group Personal Training 
(2 clients to 1 coach during Off Peak Period)

  • 25 minutes efficient workout per session
  • Location: At Coach Sharm's 200sqft Personal Gym only (Level 6, Golden Mile Complex, Beach Road)
  • 1030am, 11am, 1130am, 12pm and 12.30pm classes only
  • Holistic Bodyweight Training
  • Nutrition Advice
  • Immediate Results

$48 / session!
Usual $150

No credit card required.

Gain Muscle

Up Strength & Lower Bodyfat


1 or 3 months plan
For Men & Women

Strength & Resistance Training

  • Any location & Time, about an hour/session
  • Science Based
  • Nutrition Advice
  • Quick & Lasting Results

$158 Trial
Usual $220

No credit card required.

Lose Fat

Get Lean & Lose Weight


1 or 3 months plan
For Men & Women

Easy Workouts, Lasting Results 

  • Any location & time, about an hour/session
  • No Diets
  • Curb Hunger System
  • Great for Beginners

$158 Trial
Usual $220

No credit card required.

Group Training

Beginners to Advanced

One off or 10 sessions

Get Fit! Fitness Bootcamp

  • Any location & time, about an hour/session
  • Super Fun
  • Workout at your own level
  • East Coast, Saturdays 8am

$8 Trial
Usual $29

No credit card required.

Why engage Coach Sharm?

You're Very Busy

Most of Sharm's clients are busy individuals (CEOs, GMs, etc) who demand efficiency in their workouts and quick results. With science backed methods of training, every session is maximised.  Workouts are between 30-60 minutes, depending on your fitness and endurance level. 

You Want Results

Results are guaranteed - Coach Sharm is results oriented : He'll crystallise your goals, set them with you and achieve them in the shortest & safest time possible via unique workouts that are fun & exciting. Crafted for optimal effectiveness and enjoyment.

 You Want To
Lose Fat & Get Fit

Sharm's techniques are proven by academic research and results experienced by his past and current clients.  Stand on the shoulder of giants & workout the smart way.

Comprehensive Nutrition & Physiology Consultation

To assess your current fitness levels, eating habits and medical history. The consultation includes Fit Tests.​

Coach Sharm will create your personalised workout programme and diet plan that will help you effectively gain fitness within the specified time frame via time efficient workouts. All workouts are carefully planned to be as effective and timely as possible.

Healthy Lifestyle Redevelopment

Coach Sharm is fully open to sharing his knowledge of fitness and exercise with you. He will gladly guide you to be self-sufficient. Fitness is not a one off thing, it’s a lifelong journey. If you choose to, he would do his best to help you redevelop your lifestyle in order to stay fit, healthy and happy for the long-term. In fact, even if you're not Coach Sharm's client, you can join him and the others with his special Daily 8-minute 'Quickie' Workout!

Fully Dedicated, professional & passionate Personal Trainers

All of Coach Sharm's trainers are fully qualified and have many years of personal training and coaching experience under their belt. They are fully focused to help you achieve your fitness goals and are super passionate about good health, fitness and exercise. They're also constantly learning ground breaking and cutting edge exercises and techniques to produce the most effective workouts for you.

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Professional Certifications

Get 6 Free Tasty & Healthy Recipes

Get our recipes now! Created by Coach Sharm and his nutritionists. Includes: Protein packed breakfasts – start the day smart! Portable lunches, Delicious dinners, Tasty snacks and Treats to satisfy any sweet tooth and Yummylicious Dinners!

A quick message from Coach Sharm

Hi there! Thank you for stopping by. I’m Coach Sharm and I want to help you achieve a fitter, healthier you. I am a consultant & lecturer in a local internationally recognised university and also a personal trainer in Singapore who is committed to help people achieve better bodies and health by developing all aspects of the body – mind, body and spirit.

Fitness & health benefits from physical activity are definitely achievable for most of us, including those of us who hates vigorous exercise and ones who were previously discouraged by following a difficult exercise program.

Your search for a personal trainer stops here

I’m incredibly inspired by my clients who keep showing me improved results when they engage me as their personal trainer. I’m a coach that’s on the ground and also an academic. I love learning and I’ve researched and read hundreds of sports and exercise science journals on the physiology of lean muscle growth and fat loss – and the answer to improve your physique, fitness and health IS VERY SIMPLE.

Everything I teach and instruct my clients to do is based on science. It’s much easier that what the media and the supplement industry want you to believe. I will completely change the way you think of working out and eating healthy, which will respond in ways that you won’t believe – with your energy levels skyrocketing as you gain a lean body and lose fat without feeling miserable.

Since 1993, I’ve helped thousands of individuals and groups – most are blown away by the results that they see from their training and my expert advice. My fitness advice is practical, easy to understand and super easy to implement – everything is grounded in real science and results.

I’ve been in the industry as a personal trainer since 1998 and clients have been telling me that engaging me changed their life for the better:

  • I am relentless in helping my clients achieve their goals – My clients are diverse – age, race, fitness abilities (beginner to advance)
  • I will show you that you can dramatically change your body & health fast, and have that lean body that you’ve always dreamed about by investing 5% of your time each day.
  • I will show you how you can dramatically change your body & health faster that you ever thought possible.
  • I will give you the exact formula of exercise and eating how to gain lean muscle or lose body fat a breeze, in less than 10 weeks.
  • I will show you how to achieve your dream body without having your whole life revolve around it – no long hours in the gym, no starvation, no crazy cardio.
  • I’ll show you how to stay shredded while being able to indulge eating what you love such as desserts, pasta, etc.
  • I’ll be there for you by your side all the way, helping you avoid the pitfalls, scams and problems that most people fall into. Helping you achieve your true, genetic potential.
  • I’ll do everything I can to see you achieve the best body that you ever had.

Imagine in 12 weeks from now:

  • Getting up every morning and can’t help smiling looking at your reflection in the mirror.
  • Boost in confidence that now you have much less of that belly fat, or if you now have a 6 pec abs instead of being that skinny person.
  • Constantly complimented by others on your physique – friends, colleagues and family asking you what have you been doing to look so good.
  • Imagine feeling energised everyday, better moods, spirit and fewer aches and pains AND knowing you’re getting healthier everyday.

Personal Training Testimonials

Hayden Smith Computer Programmer, Nomura

Sharm has proven an excellent personal trainer and the first that has motivated me to achieve my goals. Since enlisting his services 3 months ago I have achieved my weight loss targets and increased my strength and conditioning... Sessions are fun and varied and his knowledge and guidance with regards to nutrition have helped me change to a much healthier diet... I have been very pleased to have found a trainer able to keep me engaged and not dread going to the gym.. I would highly recommend Sharm who has helped motivate and push me to achieve beyond my initial goals.

Sharm is the best Personal Trainer (PT) I have used (which involves experience across three countries – UK, HK and Singapore). With Sharm you get a trainer who will help identify your goals and then work very hard to help you meet them. He really sets himself apart with his great approach to customer service. He will sometimes offer you an additional service... helps push you further towards your goals. The training sessions Sharm plans are varied... you get the reassurance that he is employing the latest science and training techniques in PT sessions.

James WildboreFinance Director, Disney
Benjamin Deregt
Business Development Manager (APAC), Lighthouse Independent Media

Sharm is the best at what he does, a rare true personal trainer and outstanding fitness coach. He listens to your aspirations, focuses on your strengths, strengthens your weaknesses and provides a fitness experience like no other, and the best part, it never stays the same. I couldn’t recommend Sharm more! Whether your starting your journey to peak health or sharpening your repertoire for an upcoming event or goal, Sharm is the coach you want in your corner from the start until game day!

Very easy to understand,he provides variations and caters to everyone's level of fitness. He makes sure that everyone has fun and challenges themselves in every activity. He takes care of our well being and motivates us. He also shows professionalism and respect to every individual.

Janice Mok
Elliot Ang NTU

I felt that his training and method of teaching was very personal and interactive, hence close attention was given to every aspect and moment of the training period, allowing clients to fully utilise their time spent training... His knowledge and professionalism are top notch. Add in his personality and enthusiasm, and his way of making that extra effort fun, and you've got a truly outstanding personal trainer. Very highly recommended.

It was an amazing one year. Huge improvement in lifestyle and fitness..... I also did my yearly medical checkup – improvement of more than 50-60% on all counts. My doctor was pleasantly surprised and happy.

Sunil ChvanSenior Director,
Hitachi Systems
Denise Teow Project Manager, Phillips Electronics 

I love the idea that I could lose weight by taking small steps! No crash dieting, no 10km marathon. Simple daily exercises, and they work. Sharm’s knowledge, professionalism and credentials are very impressive, but his personal attention and his cheerful, caring manner are unbeatable. I have noticed a change in my body after working out with him. I feel stronger physically, healthier and more energised each session. I know that I could never obtain the same results without his guidance, encouragement and support. In the relatively short time I’ve been working with him I am getting much stronger, and he has given me progressively more difficult routines that I can use on the days I exercise without him. Thank you Sharm, for accompanying me on my journey to become a happier, healthier and stronger person.

Fat Burn & Weight Loss Results

A quick look at some of the numbers that we can achieve together if you’d like to lose weight.

Viklost 8 kg3 months
Maryannelost 3 kgs, 3 inches off waist &
2 inches off hips
3 months
Michelalost 7kgs2.5 months
Nadialost 7 kgs3 months
Sunillost 5 kgs and 3 inches (waist)3 months
Julialost 4 kgs2 months
Surayalost 6kgs and down 1 dress size2.5 months
Ranggalost 12.5kgs of FAT4.5 months

Coach Sharm's client, Michela lost 7kgs in 2.5 months

Fat Burn & Weight loss after 2 months

Edison Tan13kgTiffany Tham8.5kg
James Khoo11kgArumugugam K.8.4kg
John Hoe10kgYue-en Chong8kg
Manogarean Gopal10kgSoon Keat8kg
Ashirdahwani Asmawi9.2kgEileen Shen9kg
Khairulnizam Jemaat9kgRoderick Layug9kg

Coach Sharm's client, John shredded 10kgs in 2 months


Workouts, classes, sessions and consultation conducted by Coach Sharm and his team of professionals come with an iron clad money back satisfaction guarantee. If you feel that we do not give meet your expectations after every workout, do let us know and we'll refund you!

Let's say hello :)


Still unsure? No worries! Let's have a casual chat - tell me your health goals and I'll share with you how you can achieve them quickly.

I understand that finding the right personal trainer for yourself can be a daunting task, especially when there’s so many out there! That is why I always encourage everyone to do their due diligence by doing a little bit of research on the personal trainers that they shortlist.

I believe that one of the most important things to ensure success in health goals is the chemistry between client and trainer. Let’s connect and see if we’re a good fit for one another.

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