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Lose fat and get lean with more than 70 recipes - for breakfast, lunch, snack and supper that's delicious and easy to prepare without the need to worry about consuming too many calories per meal. 

Delicious and 'clean eating' combination at it's best

Do you want to achieve a lean, fit and healthy body? Are you busy and want to prepare meals quickly, without compromising it's taste? Would you like to learn how to eat good food to help you lose fat? 

Coach Sharm, together with his partners and team of fitness personal trainers nutritionists from Team Fitness Guru have spent a lot of time researching, experimenting, cooking and writing 'Tasty and Healthy Recipe eBook' - with the goal of educating others on how to spend less time and money to cooking delicious food and meals. Learn some for free below. 

What's in the ebook?

More than 70 recipes!

Here's SIX of them

Get these BONUS materials in the ebook!


Bonus #1

Strategies on having a healthy and lean body.

Bonus #2

Secrets to how our clients achieve healthy and fit bodies, starting from scratch (Last section of the ebook).

Bonus #3

Tips on healthy cooking.


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About Coach Sharm

Coach Sharm is University lecturer and Master Trainer of a leading Fitness company (TFG) with a Master of Science degree in Exercise & Sports Science and Degree in Economics (NUS). He has more than 10 USA & international certifications, 5000 clients, 100 corporate clients, 20 years experience. He’s also a Trained master trainer for TRX, NASM and TWIST. He’s the owner of Team Fitness Guru, a successful personal and corporate training company since 1998.

Why did Coach Sharm and his team crafted this book?

Diets are not the answer to get healthy. We don’t exactly relish being told what not to eat. Diets are often full of rules, and as we suffer through our cravings these rules seem almost designed to be broken. Diets don’t work long term – they’re usually short term and require a high amount of willpower. As willpower is a limited resource, sooner or later we’ll be back to our unhealthy eating habits. This is why you need to stay away from diets and start being creative by learning what type of food you should be preparing and eating.

That’s the great thing about these recipes in this book that I wrote partnering with dietitians and nutritionists. You end up eating tasty morsels and you still end up healthy. You don’t feel like you’re on a diet at all. It’s more like a fun way of becoming healthy.

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