Throughout my 20 years or so as a personal trainer, I’ve almost always heard of individuals worrying about their daily calorie intake. This habit of counting calories may help you lose weight but only if done right. On the other hand, being over obsessed with counting calories can easily make eating very stressful and unenjoyable.

The most important moment is when you finally decided to eat healthy and manage your weight, you do not have to count your calories to make the program work for you. Just reduce your usual desserts, junk food snacks and processed breakfast foods that cause your health and weight problems and replace them with healthier choices.

Avoid foods that have been proven to cause short- and long-term weight gain, and stick to ideal foods associated with effective weight control.

For example: A meal that consists of french fries, deep-fried breaded chicken with skin, rice, an upsize glass of soda and sundae dessert can have two to three times as many calories as a grilled chicken fillet meal with steamed mixed greens, brown rice and fresh fruit platter. So when you choose something a bit similar to the grilled chicken meal, at least you are aware how huge the calorie savings will be.

A research was done in Tufts University that shows the calorie content of a variety of restaurant and supermarket food vary considerably from the number of calories listed by the manufacturer or restaurant. This would imply greatly for those that count calories to maintain or lose weight. Since calorie counting is dependent on the accuracy of one’s daily caloric intake, one would generally consume the same amount of calories that they need for the day or eat slightly less. Therefore, inaccurate calorie data could make someone consume more calories than needed and gain weight instead. This would be frustrating as it shows a misguided perspective on healthy eating that emphasizes on quantity over quality.

A body is able to sense which nutrients it needs and therefore nutritional quality should be given more consideration over quantity. Those who follows this example finds that they can achieve and maintain an ideal weight with counting calories. Those who does not would tend to eat lesser quality food and resist their body’s craving for nutrition. Listen to your body and achieve the optimal health that it should be.

A healthy diet consists of meat, fruit, vegetables, fish and nuts. You would be able to deal with food cravings easier and still maintain or lose your weight. It is satisfying to know that you are giving your body the nutrition it needs and still enjoy the food you eat without worrying about those calories.

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