I have teachers among my clients, but I have often wondered why not every school teacher is an exercise enthusiast. Unless you’re a PE teacher, teaching is usually done by sitting in front of the class and lecturing to your students. And that kind of sedentary lifestyle isn’t healthy at all.

If you’re a teacher and you haven’t really thought about hiring a personal trainer, you’re depriving yourself of the benefits of proper fitness training. Here’s a bird’s eye view of what regular exercise can do for you:

1. It lessens your stress levels. A considerable number of teachers admit that they regard their job as very stressful. It is so stressful, in fact that according to some experts as many as a third of all new teachers last only up to their 4th year of teaching because the stress really overwhelms them. But if you exercise regularly and correctly, then this stress can be reduced significantly. Perhaps if you availed of the help of a qualified personal trainer in Singapore, you’ll be able to do your job without getting all stressed out.

2. It also helps lighten up your mood. Teaching can be very rewarding, but often it can be depressing as well.
Sometimes you just can’t help every one of your students, no matter how hard you try, and their behaviour can really drive you crazy. This can be alleviated with regular exercise which helps release endorphins that fight depression and other similar problems. With the way many students are these days, if you work as a school teacher then you’re probably wishing for a steady supply of endorphins to help you cope.

3. It helps you think. If you’re a school teacher who’s having trouble staying focused, you are going to have a tough time. Students tend to ask lots of questions, and you really ought to have the proper answer each time. That’s more likely when you exercise regularly. Exercise boosts the blood flow to the brain, and that helps you concentrate on your job more effectively.

4. It boosts your immune system. Your job tends to involve being in the same room with kids with the sniffles and other common infectious maladies, and that can pose some risk to you over time. Do you really want to use your sick days on days when you’re actually sick? It’s better if you just exercise, so that you are better protected against the colds and the flu.

5. It improves your looks. It’s always nice to have people say nice things about how you look, plus research have shown that children trust and believe adults (teachers) who are more attractive than lesser good looking ones (yes it’s true!). With regular exercise, you’ll look better when you lose weight, and you can also have better social life with other adults when you’re toned and fit.

If you’re a school teacher, you hold a position of great esteem, and you are one of the most influential figures in your students’ life. This is especially true for grade school teachers, who can teach young children about healthy living and physical exercises. Teaching children these things can actually cut down obesity rates significantly, according to some findings. Of course, it would be more effective if you undergo your own personal training, so that when the kids ask you if you exercise too, you can say “yes” with a clear conscience!

Coach Sharm, MSc

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