Personal Training with Coach Sharm and Team

Hi there!!

Thank you for your interest in having me and my team of trainers to facilitate your workouts to better health and body. Here's a quick look at what you're looking at.

1) Very experienced and qualified fitness coaches. All our coaches are trained professionals with years of experience. As an example, I have a Master of Science degree in Exercise and Sports Science, amongst many other certifications such as those from BOSU, TRX, American Council on Exercise, etc. I'm also a consultant lecturer in NTU 🙂

2) Personal training at either your location or The Fitness Studio (Sultan Plaza, Beach Road). All exercises will be prescribed as per your needs and goals, taking into account your medical history (if any), fitness ability and others. Each exercise will be effective and efficient so that you maximise your time and investment with us. For example, instead of doing bicep curls (single joint exercise) for 60 seconds, we'll do squats with bicep curls (multi-joint, multiple muscle groups and more functional). Each session (Including the extra bonus services below) is about 45 minutes to one hour. These exercises are scalable and transferable (you can continue your doing your exercises while travelling, etc).

3) Rates (I'm extending the family and friends rate to you)

Workout with Coach Sharm at Your Location

$1880 for 10 sessions (family and friends rate)
Note: $2500 for 10 sessions (usual)

Workout with Coach Sharm at The Fitness Studio
$1580 for 10 sessions (family and friends rate)
Note: $2500 for 10 sessions (usual)

Workout with Platinum Trainer (any location)
$1280 for 10 sessions (family and friends rate)
Note: $1980 for 10 sessions (usual)

4) Prescription of exercises that you can do on your own when you're not training with us (this is a verbal recommendation of the workouts that we plan for you - feel free to write down notes as needed).

5) Nutrition and diet advice - With the usage of a Fitness app, I'll help you analyse your food intake and give you general recommendations on how you can (i) Reduce your caloric intake so that you can improve on your negative caloric intake as part of your lifestyle (not through fad diets). This is for those who want to lose weight. (ii) Recommend you alternative food in your diet (such as choosing a lower glycemic index food - for example brown rice instead of white rice). For those who want to build muscle and tone up, I'll give our recommendations too.

For more complicated and advanced nutritional advice, we can refer you to our in-house nutritionists and dietitians to follow up.

6) Fit Test - We'll do a base test of where you're at during the first session and track your progress as we go along. We are confident that your fitness level will improve - An improvement of your fitness is would mean that your body would be better at burning calories every workout. It'll also mean that you can raise your metabolism (burn more calories after your workout).All the value added services that above will take place during your personal training sessions.

We (My team and I) share a lot of information during breaks between sets and exercises.Satisfaction Guarantee. Our workout sessions are backed with our IRON CLAD Money Back Satisfaction Guarantee. How does it work? If you're not satisfied with any of our workouts, inform me why you're unsatisfied straight after your workout, and it will be considered free.

If you need more information about me, I'm at and 91090995. Do let me know your thoughts asap so I can make changes our schedule and confirm with you after. Looking forward to hearing from you soon. Thank you so much 🙂

Coach Sharm, MSc

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