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It’s been a great one month with the Samsung S5 LTE and Gear 2 🙂 These two gadgets work seamlessly with each other, love it! There’s so much to talk about and I’ll be writing about them (some of the many features) as I’m in the midst of travelling between Cherating and Melbourne right now.

As I’ve mentioned before, these devices are great at improving our lives and especially when it comes to helping me out with personal training. Though more  importantly, they motivate and encourage us to lead an Active Lifestyle. Let’s touch a bit more specs about the Samsung S5 LTE (following my previous post):

Samsung Smart Switch – Yes! If you’re an iPhone or Android user right now and thinking of making the switch to the Samsung S5 LTE, download this free app for super easy transfer. As a personal trainer, this feature is great as I could easily transfer my clients’ contacts, notes, workout programmes easily between my old device and the Samsung S5 LTE.

Advanced Camera – It’s got a 16 MP camera, and many features, such as the Real Time HDR (You get to preview your HDR image in real time) and Selective Focus (take DSLR like photos with this special bokeh feature). Yup, now you can take great looking workout photos (including those before and after shots) and videos!

[webbu_image alt=”” align=”center” rw=”0″ type=”none” url=”http://www.gurufitness.com/wp-content/uploads/S5ClubMed-590×331.jpg”][/webbu_image] Photo that I took during my hike at Club Med Cherating with the Samsung S5 LTE.

Fingerprint Security – No more worrying to memorise security patterns, passwords, etc. Easily swipe your finger or thumb to access your phone – quickly!

Ultra Power Saving Mode – While the Samsung S5 LTW is wonderful because we can switch a fully charged battery when juice is low, we can also simply activate this ultra power saving mode. It’ll put the smartphone into black and white mode, limits the number of applications that could run – to give you more usage time with the phone – really helpful if you’re in a jam with 5% left and no powerpoint in sight!

IP67 rating. – Yes, this baby is waterproof. “Ingress Protection, or IP, ratings are classifications standardized and published by the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC). IP ratings are usually indicated in the “IPXY” format where X stands for the level of dust-resistance and Y stands for the level of water-resistance. The IEC categorizes dust-resistance from levels 0-6, where 6 indicates complete protection. And water-resistance from levels 0-9. So when Samsung says the S5 has a rating of IP67, it means it is completely resistant to dust and has a level 7 rating for water, i.e. the phone can be immersed for up to 30 minutes to a depth of 1m.” (Livemint)

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Samsung Gear 2 – I like the premium looking metallic body and 1.63″ SUPER AMOLED display. Plus, if you like to change it up,  you can change the straps – this allowss freedom of expression with style 🙂

Here’s it’s specs:

1.63″ 16M colours (320×320) full touch (C-type) SUPER AMOLED Screen
36.9 x 58.4 x 10mm, 68g
1.0GHz Dual Core
4GB1 memory with 512MB RAM
2.0 MP (Auto Focus, Macro Focus, Sound & Shot, Location Tags, Signature)
Video Player (3GP, MPEG4, H.263, H.264)
Video Recorder (MPEG4, H.264) 720p @30fps
Bluetooth® 4.0, USB 2.0, WatchON™
Standalone Music Player, Media Controller, Gallery
Pedometer, Heart Rate Sensor, Fitness Coaching, Exercise (Running, Walking, Cycling, Hiking), (IP67) Water and Dust Resistant
Call (Contacts, Dialer and Logs), Instant Notifications (Alarm, Exchange, ActiveSync, Weather, Incoming Call, Messaging, Missed Call, Schedule, Baby Crying Detector, ChatON, LINE, Chrome™ Browser, Downloads, Google Drive™, Dropbox, Flipboard, Gmail™, Google Play™, Google Play™ Books, Google Play™ Music, Google Play™ Newsstand, Google Play™ Games, Google™ Search, Google+™, Hangouts™, Google Maps™, YouTube™, Enhanced S Health, Samsung Apps, Peel Smart Remote)
Smart Relay, Schedule, S Voice (Voice Dial, Message, Schedule, Task, Open App, Set Alarm, Timer, Weather, Clock), Voice Memo, Clocks (Digital, Dual, Event, Pedometer, Shortcut, Weather, Style)
Stop Watch, Timer, Auto Lock, Find My Device
Usage Time (Depending on usage and battery condition)
Up to 6 days

Think of the Gear 2 as an extension of your Galaxy S5. In terms of fitness and active lifestyle, these are the features that stands out: Pedometer, Heart Rate Sensor, Personal Fitness Coaching and Personal Training, Exercise (Running, Walking, Cycling, Hiking), (IP67) Water and Dust Resistant (For the ardent outdoor fans)

Here’s an in depth review from PhoneArena

As you can see, technology can help us facilitate our goals to become fitter. So if you need ‘someone’ to remind you to clock your steps (you need at least 10,000 steps as day), log in your food intake and exercises done, measure your heart rate, etc, you may want to get these devices soon 🙂

This post is sponsored by Samsung.

Yours in fitness,

Sharm, MSc

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