I use a wide variety of training and exercise equipment during my personal training sessions but if you are a newcomer to the world of fitness training, then you may be wondering what a Mediball is. The name is a contraction of medicine and ball—clever, isn’t it?—and they refer to a kind of equipment that enables you to do various types of physical exercises.

Medicine balls have been in existence for quite a while now, and they are very effective in keeping you fit and trim. With a medicine ball, you can develop all your major muscle groups and you can do that in many different places.

Here are some of the benefits of medicine ball workouts:

• It can boost your athletic and sports abilities. You can bounce, throw, and catch a medicine ball. That makes it different from other types of workout equipment (can you imagine doing that with barbells?) and that means you can also improve your hand-eye coordination. It simulates actual sports situations, so you can be more prepared for the real thing. You can move with the medicine ball to simulate particular movements, such as a tennis serve or a golf swing.

• It helps you stretch more effectively. This boosts your range of motion and makes your joints more flexible.

• You can use it to build muscle. Holding a medicine ball when you’re doing lunges and squats increases the intensity of the workout, and that helps you build the muscles you want.

• It boosts your core strength. It builds the muscles in your abs and back, and this helps with your posture and balance. It enhances your performance and makes you less likely to injure yourself. It also helps you move better, so that you’ll find your daily chores easier and safer to do.

• It’s prevents you from being bored. Even if you are used to doing your workout with a medicine ball, boredom is very unlikely. It can be used for so many types of exercises that you can bring some variety to your workout every time.

Medicine Ball Considerations

For a variety of reasons, you should really consider working out with a Singapore personal trainer if you want to use a medicine ball properly. For one, it’s much more practical. Medicine balls are often meant to be thrown and caught, and playing catch with yourself is both silly and somewhat boring. Having a partner is much better, and besides it’s also much more fun.

An experienced personal trainer as a partner can also allow you to use the best and safest medicine balls. There are many different types and each one has its own specific instructions. You may inadvertently overinflate one type, or perhaps you may accidentally jam your fingers with another. You also have to make sure that you are keeping the proper form and posture when you work out with a medicine ball. If you don’t, you may strain your back unnecessarily. A fitness expert can take care of you so that you know what kind of exercises are best for your situation, and you can perform them with the knowledge that you are doing them safely.

Coach Sharm, Personal Trainer, MSc

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