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“How do you lose fat, Coach Sharm?”

I get this question a lot and it is quite general. It is not just fat for that matter but when you exercise at high-intensity, it is your carbohydrates which used as well.

Take an example, an athlete specially trained for winning races is never seen over weight with a sagging belly. Have you ever thought why that is?

The reason is simple. The jogger is trained aerobically and use carbohydrates instead of fats in his workouts therefore his posture remain slim. This happens because carbohydrates are utilized by muscles during high intensity exercise. When exercising below Lactate Threshold (LT), fats are used with carbohydrates. When you need to regenerate your efficiency level of muscle contraction, then it is better to use fats which are close to the mitochondria. In reducing fats from your thigh and waistline (also known as adipose) they need to be closer to the mitochondria first for oxidation.

You must keep in check with your calories intake and its usage if you really wish to reduce fat and lose weight. This is the most successful method of fat and weight loss. Always be vigilant about your intake of calorie count and make sure that you are spending fewer calories than taking in. The only formula for efficient weight loss is that your calories expenditure should always be more than your calorie intake. If you would not act accordingly, then the chances of weight loss may not be very favourable and effective.

Continued training improves fat oxidation. It helps in the regulation of fatty acids reaching to the mitochondrial membrane and finally transported out of your body. Thus, endurance and stamina are two major factors for fat and weight loss. If you would be able to keep up with your stamina, you would be more prone to lose weight quickly than the rest of your fellows. So, you have got to stay fit as fiddle for burning more fats from your body.

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