As a Singapore personal trainer, I have quite a few housewives among my current clientele which others find surprising. Everyone, housewives included, want to look good and feel healthy too and in the best circumstances, a personal trainer can help maximize the time and work for them, so that the workout will enable them to achieve their personal fitness goals.

However, it can’t be denied that a lot of housewives today simply don’t have the time to go to a gym. That doesn’t mean they have to lose out when it comes to doing proper exercises. Even at home, there are some easy things you can do to turn your common household chores into helpful workouts. These may not be quite as effective as going to the gym, but they’re definitely the next best thing.

• Stretching. You can start your day right with some stretching exercises, and you can do them whenever you have a few minutes to spare. For example, while you’re cooking, you can do some stretching in the meantime. One of the more typical stretching exercises is to raise your hands high up in the air and then try to touch your toes. You should also try to slowly stretch more than you usually do. This can help you become more flexible, and help you from getting any preventable injuries and soreness. Jumping jacks are great as well.

• Brisk walking. Housewives have to walk a lot, and in the space of one day they can cover quite a bit of distance. However, you can increase the effectiveness of this activity by walking much more briskly. Brisk walking is more effective for burning calories, and it can boost your heart rate as well. Just make sure you don’t hurt yourself in the process, okay?

• Climbing up and down the stairs. Your stairs resemble the stepper machine in the gym, and climbing up and down can also help you burn off more calories. If you can do this activity several times during the course of the day, you’d be doing your body a great favor.

These exercises can help you maintain health in a lot of ways. They burn calories and help you lose weight, and they keep you from getting too tired or too sore. They help you do your work faster and more efficiently, so that you can have more time for yourself too.

Housewives today are rightfully considered the pillar of the home, and in many homes today the rest of the household are really dependent on their hardworking mums. So if you’re a housewife, the exercises you do don’t just affect your health; they affect the well-being of everyone in your family. Make sure you maintain your fitness level so that you can continue taking care of the people you love.

Coach Sharm, MSc

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