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How to do your first Pull Up.

Many of us find doing pull-ups extremely daunting. Some of us are not even able to grip and hang on the bar, what more to do ONE pull up. Based on my experience with many clients for the past 20 years, I have to say that anyone can to do pull ups - this includes both MEN and WOMEN. The key is progression. Stage 1 : Overcome Fear and Break The Mental Barrier You need t [...]

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10 Tips to Improve Your Sleep

When you get a good night's sleep, you'd usually have a good and efficient day the day after. Here's some thing you can do to help you improve your sleep. Tips applies to both men and women 🙂 1. Exercise! 2. Dim Your Lights 3. Sleep in Total Darkness 4. Think About Sound 5. No Stimulants After 3pm 6. Don't Go To Bed Stuffed or Hungry 7. Be Consistent 8. Keep it [...]

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Advice to Personal Trainers – You Need to Plan for Work Life Harmony

Work life in Singapore can be hectic, and it’s not exactly rare to find people who prioritize their career over everything. And that’s not rare among personal trainers either. Work can take over their lives, and if you’re a personal trainer you need to improve and maintain your work life harmony if you know what’s good for you. So what can you do to create some b [...]

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Weight Loss: Personal Trainer Breaks the Myth of the Weighing Scale

When it comes to doing better, most people prefer simple, concrete standards. Parents in Singapore consider grades as a measure of their kids’ academic performance. A car is more fuel-efficient because the weekly gasoline expenses are less. And a fitness program that actually works results in weight loss. These things are obvious, right? But many personal trainers like m [...]

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