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The healthier you eat, the healthier you become. This is in fact, extremely true and useful when you know you need to eat healthily if you want to lose weight and look fit. There is no need to burst your budget in order to eat healthy. It is time to realize that it can be cheap, simple and still be as satisfying.

I have been to high end supermarkets selling expensive and imported healthy and organic snacks and I realise that there was absolutely no need to break your piggy bank to buy these and be a healthy eater. You can actually start from home and prepare your foods and bring meals and simple healthy snacks wherever you go. This would not only save time, but also your effort and money.

Go to your nearest supermarket or grocery store and grab the freshest poultry and seafood, fruits and vegetables and create your own recipes either from websites or even cookbooks. Did you know that healthy eating requires lesser ingredients, cooking time and preparation?

That is because it is simple and fast due to grilling, steaming, boiling, roasting chicken or fish or vegetables in less than 15 minutes.

Countless of studies have shown the good effects of regular breakfast on long-term effective weight control. Breakfast plays an important role in providing you with the energy you need in the morning. You can aim for a breakfast that provides 25 to 30 per cent of the calories for the day, which is equivalent to 600 calories if you are a highly active female consuming 2,500 calories per day.

Even if you do not have the appetite to eat in the morning, it is still better to have sufficient food in your tummy after waking up to avoid over-eating and uncontrolled cravings during the later part of the day. Choose whole grain breads, fruits, milk, yogurt and egg to last for another 3-4 hours before your next meal.

In a study published by The New England Journal of Medicine shows that long-term weight gain in both men and women was due to an increase consumption of French fries, sugar-sweetened beverages, unprocessed and processed meats, refined grains and potato chips.

Therefore, you should increased your intake of nuts, fruits, vegetables, yogurt and whole grains to reduce the weight gain.

There are many ways to start eating healthier and even exercise. The campaign “Healthy Active Exercise” done by Health Promotion Board is to ensure that everyone of us gets the right amount of exercise daily. You could even join our bootcamps here.

Eat to a healthier you.

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