New moms often become weighed down with the whole process of having been pregnant for nine months, to be followed by giving birth. Their postnatal condition may be such that the physical changes they have experienced (and continue to experience) could begin to pale when taken in the light of their mental and emotional state.

For these reasons it is imperative for new moms to undertake healthy activities after giving birth. These activities should factor the importance of not just physical recovery, but also the restoration of emotional balance and peace of mind.

The Physical Aspect: Lose Weight, Get Fit

Exercise to lose weight and get fit—this should be at the top of your to-do list. Getting a fitness trainer to help you manage personal training for weight loss is not hard to do in Singapore, because there are plenty of trainers that advertise their services. Nevertheless, it’s best to be prudent about getting the services of someone to help you lose weight, particularly post pregnancy.

The best personal trainer for you will be someone who would have had some level of involvement with you during your pregnancy. This is because someone who is familiar with your overall condition even before you gave birth, would be more in a position to help you achieve your postnatal weight loss goals.

Your fitness trainer should be able to explain to you meticulously what exercises you are going to do, in order to renew your energy, recover your strength, and promote your health as part of your personal training.

The Emotional Aspect: Love Yourself Too

All too often, a new mom will be expected to pour her attention on her newborn. There’s nothing wrong with this per se, as infants really need the love and caring touch of their mothers.  However, it can become self-defeating for the new mother if she neglects herself while taking care of her baby.

Postpartum depression can be worsened by self-neglect. That’s why it’s important for the new mom and the people around her to understand that her having given birth is no excuse for her to lose her self-identity.  Whatever her interests were before getting pregnancy and giving birth, should still be encouraged after delivery, if she wants to do them.

It’s a good thing that Singapore shopping centres and malls are well-stocked and pleasurable to walk around in.  Shopping for little gifts for herself helps a new mom not only to exercise (all that walking around is good for the heart!) but also makes her emotions calmer and reduces whatever stresses she may be feeling.

The Mental Aspect: Encourage Creativity in Yourself

Some new mothers temporarily lose touch with the creative side of their brains, after giving birth because all their attention is focused on “baby stuff.” In fact, such strong focus on your child’s needs can continue way up to the point that your child is already grown up, meaning you may, again, have neglected your own mental development.

For your own peace of mind, it’s great to take up activities that challenge creative thinking. Doing crossword puzzles, reading your favourite books, or surfing the Net can be helpful towards distracting you from postnatal stresses and keeping you happy for your baby.

The thing you need to remember is that it’s just as important to take care of your own well being after you have given birth. Engage in some healthy activities that are good for you—physically, emotionally, and mentally—so that you will be better able to fulfil your duties to your family and to yourself!

Yours in health,

Sharm, MSc

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