Although having new moms lie in bed for a long time to optimise healing and recovery is a practice that is no longer in vogue, there are still women and their loved ones who are daunted by the very idea of women who have recently given birth indulging in physical exercises. They feel that “something inside” might tear or break if new moms undergo personal training soon after giving birth. This vagueness about what could be “damaged” adds to the nervousness that is felt about post pregnancy efforts to lose weight.

In truth, however, there’s no need to be stressed over postnatal  weight loss programs, provided that these are done under the management of a qualified fitness trainer.

When is Your Body Ready for Exercise?

If you were already into structured physical exercising before pregnancy then, and you did not undergo a C-section, you won’t really have a hard time getting back into the swing of things, so to speak. Still, it is best to get medical clearance before you get into a postnatal personal training  program to  lose weight, whether you had a vaginal delivery or C-section. Assuming that you have already been able to get that clearance, you can now start with light exercises for the first six weeks after delivery.

Walking Exercises

Walking is a very natural activity that can be made doubly enjoyable when you bring your new baby along on his or her pram that you can push while walking (remember to also get clearance from his/her paediatrician before doing so). If you cannot bring your baby along for whatever reason, that’s still okay. As long as you have someone reliable to entrust the care of your baby temporarily, it’s perfectly alright to take a walk by yourself.

It’s best to do this in a place where the environment is relatively pollution-free and clean, for your safety and health. There are a lot of city and community parks in Singapore that are great for walking exercises.  If you live near the beach (Sentosa, for example) you can also take a walk in the coastal parks. You’ll not only get to exercise your limbs, you’ll also be exposed to more fresh air, which doubles the benefits to be derived from an aerobic, low-impact exercise such as walking.

Do Light Household Work

Many homes in Singapore have household helpers, which is why the idea of doing light household work as a form of exercise may sound strange to some. However, by doing so you can help yourself prepare your post pregnancy body to become used once more to physical movements. Nothing can be simpler and more convenient to do, than light household work such as dusting or preparing the family’s meals. You can also take an active role in caring for your body’s earliest months. Carrying and bathing your baby will not only be an excellent physical activity, it also has the added benefit of forming a closer bond between you and your child.

New Moms Who Work Outside of the Home

For new moms that are employed out of the house and are only on maternity leave, it’s just as important to give attention to recovering your health and energy levels as soon as you can. A long bedrest may be tempting, but the more you delay getting fit and losing pounds gained during pregnancy, the more you will find it difficult to motivate yourself to regain your health. Should you experience this condition, whether you are a working mother or a stay-at-home mom, you’ll find that it will be in your best interests around this time to consult a personal trainer.

Working with a Personal Trainer

Although it is not advisable to go beyond light exercises yet, the sooner you can map out your weight loss and fitness program with a personal trainer, the better it will be. There will come a time when more intensive exercises or workouts will be required to meet your fitness and weight goals. To be able to reach that point, it’s important for your trainer to get to know you well. Your trainer will need to become familiar with your lifestyle, a bit of your medical history, and your exact needs and goals.

What will follow will be the design of a personalized workout program, one that will sustain any gains that you have made while doing your earlier light, postnatal exercises during the first six weeks.

Yours in health,

Sharm, MSc

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