Many of us find doing pull-ups extremely daunting. Some of us are not even able to grip and hang on the bar, what more to do ONE pull up. Based on my experience with many clients for the past 20 years, Anyone can do pull ups - this includes both MEN and WOMEN. The KEY is PROGRESSION.

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About the Author:

Coach Sharm is a "SuperTrainer" (Urban, Straits Times, Feb 2012). He's a University consultant lecturer with a Master of Science degree in Exercise & Sports Science and Degree in Economics (NUS).  Master Trainer of Singapore's Health Promotion Board's Lose To Win Challenge. Other Credentials: 10 USA & international certifications, 5000 clients, 100 corporate clients, 20 years experience. Trained master trainer for BOSU, PRAMA, TRX, NASM and TWIST. Owner of Team Fitness Guru, a successful fitness company since 1998.