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Fire (Fat Burn) Programme

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Are you sick and tired of constantly feeling weak, unfit, inactive and just plain unmotivated?

Are all of that dieting and countless hours on the treadmill not resulting in the figure you desire?

You’ve made a point to exercise more, eat better and feel healthier…but you don’t know where to start!

Be it to shed off that bulge, fit into your old pair of jeans or to feel fitter, healthier and more active everyday, Fire, Guru Fitness’ Fat Burning workout program, is crafted using cutting edge training methods to help you incinerate that dreaded excess body fat.

Sure, you will be able to lose fat by running on the treadmill but it will take a whole lot of running and a whole lot less eating! 99% of us just don’t have that five hours to run on a treadmill.

Fire is the result of information gathered not only throughout Coach Sharm’s 20 years of personal training experience but from the vast knowledge garnered through his Master’s Degree in Sports Science, Postgraduate Diploma in Exercise Science and many other exercise based qualifications.

Fire is also perfect if you have never followed a proper workout programme before. You will be gradually introduced to the most effective fat burning workouts with focus on your form and technique. Your progress will also be monitored and your workout programme tailored to cater to your fitness gains throughout.

What you will experience with Fire:

  • Toned arms and legs
  • Loss of belly bulge
  • All round toned figure
  • 150-200% gains in fitness and active levels.
  • Increases in cardio endurance, speed, strength, flexibility and agility.


Here the advantages of choosing us for your personal training:


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Are you ready to begin your journey for a healthier, fitter and leaner you?

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