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10 Tips to Improve Your Sleep

When you get a good night’s sleep, you’d usually have a good and efficient day the day after. Here’s some thing you can do to help you improve your sleep. Tips applies to both men and women 🙂 1. Exercise! 2. Dim Your Lights 3. Sleep in Total Darkness 4. Think About Sound 5. No […]

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Beat the Binge: 7 tips for Controlling Appetite

Check out these 7 tips to control your appetite. 1) Don’t skip your meals, so you don’t overeat later. 2) Always stay hydrated. We crave for food when we’re hungry. 3) Get enough sleep – ensure your hormones are balanced. 4) Check your feelings – avoid emotional eating! 5) Find something that soothes you – […]

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The right way to stretch

Too many of us are still doing static stretches before our workout, game or race. Research shows that doing pre-activity stretching is contraindicated to performance – which simply means it will lower your ability to do well during your workout or race. Do this instead. Prior to a workout, do dynamic warm-up and dynamic stretching. […]

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