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Exercises to Do In Between Your Personal Training Sessions

Some clients of personal trainers in Singapore seem to think that all their exercises should be supervised. That’s not entirely accurate. Anyone can benefit from doing some other exercise in between sessions with their personal trainer. And another advantage of these exercises is that they don’t take up a lot of time, so even those who […]

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Enhance Your Personal Training with the Samsung S5 and Gear 2

[webbu_image alt=”” align=”center” rw=”0″ type=”none” url=”×331.jpg”][/webbu_image] It’s been a great one month with the Samsung S5 LTE and Gear 2 🙂 These two gadgets work seamlessly with each other, love it! There’s so much to talk about and I’ll be writing about them (some of the many features) as I’m in the midst of travelling […]

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