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We are all familiar with setting goals as we grow up. But how many of us still practice or do we just continue each day without having a goal set in mind?

One of the most important qualities that set successful athletes apart from the less-successful ones is the self-confidence. It is the ability of doing the task and completing it.

As a personal trainer, goal setting is not only important for myself but especially so for my clients too as I am in a better position to figure out what fitness goals that will be the most appropriate for each individual based on their lifestyles, food intake and amount of exercise.

Use the SMARTER method and put yourself above others.


Goals have to be specific and clear. For example, 10 push ups in 30 seconds.

The goals that you set has to be measurable throughout the season. Athletes must be able to measure own progress and therefore be able to add more to it as he or she progresses.

It has to be achievable and adjust your goals when necessary. If you do not think you can finish 2.4km run in 8 minutes, increase it by 2 minutes.

It should not be far-fetched. Do not try to run 10km when you can hardly finish a 5km run. Try to build it up to the long-term goal.

Plan a time period for the short-term, mid-term and long-term goals to be met.

Evaluate your goals and progress periodically. If you are able to shoot a basketball goal, try moving a little further away from the hoop and try to see if you can score with a further distance.

Chart your progress towards your goal and see the immense difference.

More confident athletes have:

  • Perseverance, even when faced with difficult and big obstacles.
  • Positive thinking and enthusiastic about learning more.
  • Accept responsibility that both success and failure comes from himself and only he is in charge of his own fate
  • The ability to set and attempt more challenging but realistic goal. Athletes must be able to push themselves to greater heights.

How does self-confidence helps?

  • They would appear more intimidating to competitors and build up their teammate’s confidence level during difficult times
  • Concentrate better and take control in reading game strategies
  • Remain calm and relaxed under pressure
  • Set more challenging goals and persevere to attain their goals.

One can obtain self-confidence by watching successful performances and knowing how to do a particular task and create an image. Personal accomplishments will also help in raising self-confidence . Be consistent in setting attainable goals and do not be afraid to push your boundaries to reach to greater heights. Lastly, be aware of your physical and mental states as it helps you to be mentally prepared.

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