What’s the hype about with this ‘journey’ we call fitness?
Well, besides being able to NOT to live on diet supplements (which we know can cause such detrimental effects), there are so many other benefits of fitness. Here are some of the major benefits that we can attain.
1) Reduce the rate at which the body is aging
Have you ever seen a person who looks like 40 but when you ask him, he’s actually 55? Fitness is an anti-aging activity. With the reduction in the rate at which the body ages, you will look younger.. and more importantly, FEEL younger! Young at heart baby!
2) Improve mental health
Many of my clients say that exercise is a way to relieve their stress. Be it the stress from work or home, fitness works wonders! Putting human biology aside, when we run on the treadmill or cross trainer, we get to enjoy the upbeat music. Plus, we channel our anger or stress by turning the negative energy into something positive such as exercising. Biologically, our adrenaline level in our bodies will be decreased when we train. Furthermore, our body produces endorphins that counters the adrenalin to make us feel happy. This will mean greater confidence and a higher state of inner peace.
3) Consistency in weight control
What leaves you weak, dehydrated and undernourished? Diet supplements! You see, if you chose a healthy lifestyle instead, you will be able to eat more (which in turn will lead to increased strength), and it ensures that you have all the nutrients needed.
It also ensures good quality muscle growth and maintenance. It stabilises your blood sugar and encourage the production of fat burning hormones that will lead to increased metabolism rate. Hence, with a proper training program, you will be able to have a better weight control system which is consistent and effortless. This will avoid the ‘yo-yo’ (ups and downs) cycle of weight loss and gain.
4) Improve your cardiovascular health
You will multiply the benefits of a good diet while strengthening your coronary arteries while exercising aerobically. Most importantly, you’ll have fun while doing it. Aerobics exercise include class training programs such as Body combat, Body pump, Aerobics and Hatha Yoga.
5) Increased strength and size of muscle
Muscle is more metabolically active than fat, hence muscles burns more calories than fat. When we decrease our fat mass and increase our muscle mass, we increase our basal metabolism rate. This means that when we are not exercising (example sleeping) the rate at which our body burns fat increases. Think of it as more money left in the bank and gaining more interest profits.
6) Improved body chemistry
Our bodies contain 2 types of cholesterol: HDL (High) and LDL (Low). HDL is a natural steroid that is produced when we exercise. It helps to clean arteries of fatty plaque deposits (LDL).
Further, by exercising, we only produce half the level of insulin (lowers the chance of diabetes). Our bodies also process carbohydrates more efficiently, this in turn stabilises your blood sugar so that you will less likely to be hungry but rather have more energy

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